At the Albuquerque National Day of Prayer at the Civic Plaza on Tuesday, attended by over 2,000 people, Mercy Alarid prayed for education in New Mexico. Such a POWERFUL PRAYER by this woman of God! I learn from Mercy every time I talk to her, or hear her pray!

I want to share Mercy’s powerful prayer with you………

Statistics tell us that New Mexico is 49th in child well being and 50th in child reading proficiency, even though we spend $9,000.00 a year per student and a total of $2 Billion on education. If money were the issue, we would have the best educational system money can afford. But money is not the source of our problem. Today, we want to pray for wisdom for our Governor, legislators, Superintendents, Principals, and school staff to manage those resources wisely in ways that positively affect our children and youth. Above all, we ask Lord that the fear of the Lord would fill the hearts and minds of all those leaders we have mentioned so that they make decisions that improve the quality of our education, regardless of the political cost. We thank you for the access we have to public schools and all of the resources they afford. We also want to thank you for Christian Schools. We ask that you would give them supernatural provision to keep their doors open and to continue being the beacons of light in our communities. May they have what they need to disciple and educate the next generation of Christian attorneys, judges, architects, police officers, nurses, electricians and professionals that will change New Mexico. Lastly, Lord, we pray that you would send more workers into the field of education. That more and more godly people would accept your call into school boards and positions such as teachers, principals, counselors and educational assistants. Help us to be salt and light in our state. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pictured is Mercy with her husband, Pastor Brian who led the Albuquerque National Day of Prayer with Pastor Richard Mansfield and others from New Mexico Prays. So many volunteers also made the day possible, folks from all denominations!  Amen!  

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