This is from my friend Pam Russom……Please pray for her Dad.

Last night I saw acts of compassion that have changed me forever. I am not the same person who woke up yesterday. My father is very ill and may not get to come home. We called 911 at 7:30pm. My husband selflessly lifted my undressed Father into a wheelchair and covered him to preserve his dignity. My daughter stayed by her Grandma’s side for hours watching for signs of stress. A Mother I barely know and her son brought us food to the hospital and comforted us because she lost her Father 39 years ago on May 26th. While in the ER waiting room my Mom prayed over a woman who was all alone. The woman was sobbing and wailing with no one to care for her. It was a terrible night but what was amazing is how my family and strangers acted during the crisis. I’m still crying like a baby not just because of my Dad but for the beauty I saw in the madness. Praise God. He is with us always.

Thank you for letting us share Pam! We are praying for your Dad, in Jesus name, Amen!

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