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Bill Wilson
Homeland Security doing a good thing

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Thursday, April 27, 2017
For years since its inception in 2002, the Department of Homeland Security has been a big government watchdog that many were concerned was tantamount to some form of an anti-citizen, jack-boot spy agency. Remember, it was Homeland Security who put out the report as one of the first orders of business in the ex-“president’s” regime labeling veterans, gun owners, pro-life supporters and Christians as radical right wing extremists. Since the installment of John Kelly as its Secretary, Homeland Security seems to be actually taking its namesake seriously-attempting to secure America’s borders and protect Americans rather than hold them in suspicion. One small example is VOICE.
DHS has opened the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office. The mission of VOICE, according to Kelly, is “to support victims of crime through access to information and resources.” Kelly said in a statement: “Until now, victims of immigration-related crimes have not had a government resource that could provide timely information on their cases. The VOICE Office uses a victim-centered approach to acknowledge and support victims and their families, promotes awareness of rights and available services to crime victims, builds collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders assisting victims, and collects and reports data relating to crimes committed by immigration violators.”
While the politically correct crowd doesn’t want to be confused by the facts, illegal aliens make up 27% of the federal prison population (not counting state and local). The Government Accounting Office estimates that criminal aliens average seven arrests, half of them for at least one drug offense. In 2014, the Department of Justice reported that illegal immigrants were convicted and sentenced for over 13% of all crimes committed in the US and more than 25% of the murders since 2003. Kelly said, “because of years and years of policies complicating immigration and enforcement efforts, and a politically-correct approach to public safety, there are mothers who will never again receive a Mothers Day card from a son.”
Kelly told reporters when announcing VOICE, “These victims of illegal aliens aren’t data points. They’re people. And they and their families deserve to be treated fairly.” So now we have a government agency trying to correct a government injustice done in the name of social justice. Isaiah 1:17 says, “Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.” There have been a lot of fatherless and widows left in the wake of the ex-“president’s” failure to protect American citizens. In this case, Homeland Security is doing a good thing. Government and good leadership should be a terror to evil rather than to good. VOICE is a small step in the right direction. I pray you never have to use it.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
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Our Feeding and Clothing Ministry Outreach in Ghana

By Pastor William Agbeti
[NOTE: This is an account of just one of many feeding and clothing programs conducted by The Daily Jot and our ministry partner Redeem West Africa in the rural areas of Ghana, West Africa. These are often areas under heavy Islamic pressure. We are also providing clean water in rural areas with our well projects. It’s your kind donations that make this possible–Blessings, Bill W]

KROBO-ODUMASE, Eastern Region, Ghana:

As early as 8am Sunday morning, February 5, they started pouring in. Two hundred and sixteen children, forty eight parents and a handful of the disabled, coming from various poor homes and communities, eagerly looking forward to a good, free meal.
The atmosphere was electrifying and heartrending – an entire community of children and parents showing up for a free meal.
Meals were served to the satisfaction of all. All had soda to drink and water to quench their thirsts.
Everyone participated in some sort of games and danced to popular local music. Joy, laughter, merry making and the spirit of love hung heavily in the air. This was heaven to many.
Then what we always dread at our feeding functions happened. It was time to say goodbye and depart. A surprise announcement was made, that all the children and their parents, including the disabled, would be given free food to take home!
They were asked to line up for the extra food. Suddenly there was a joyous stampede! Both children and adults started rushing to gain the best place in the queue to receive their free meals.
Tears rolled down the cheeks of volunteers, as they served in total silence.

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Have a Blessed and Powerful Day,

Bill Wilson
The Daily Jot

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