How Can We Overcome Anxiety?


In AWE of GOD in what he is doing with this old man, HE is making me a mature Christian…..He blesses me so. He gives me opportunities to share his ways in so many ways! Today on WFRN Morning Show and The HUB of New Mexico Put your faith in God and nothing else including Politics and Politicians. God is trying to teach us a lesson now.
We are a long distance ministry based in Albuquerque, NM. We go forth by car, Skype, airplane and horse and our website and podcasts! LOL!From Dr. Jim Denison at FGGAM.ORG writing about the Church Bus tragedy in Texas that took 13 lives:
In the face of tragedy, we have two options.

We can decide that God is not who he says he is. We can let our questions keep us from experiencing his transforming love and sustaining grace. We can trust our doubts more than we trust our Creator.

Or we can decide to have faith in our Father even when we don’t understand him. The harder it is to trust God, the more we need to trust God.

Which option do you choose today?

Please turn to Matthew 6:25-34

How can we overcome anxiety?

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