I was in Clayton, New Mexico preaching at the Assembly of God Church and I did not get the opportunity to post yesterdays Windom Revival Radio Program, please for give me. Welcome to another edition of the Windom Revival Radio program. I am Pastor Dewey Moede with For God’s Glory Alone Ministries based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can find us at FGGAM.ORG! I am so excited to be with you on another Sunday morning on this wonderful radio station! This morning I want to share with you about being Holy! For me I want to attract people to Jesus Christ, not myself. I want to be Holy! Please not listen to my podcast.

I got a text yesterday from a listener of KDOM saying, “Really enjoyed the broadcast this AM on being Holy! That’s my prayer as well!”

AMEN!!! God expects us to be HOLY! When most people talk about holiness, they get a little nervous! Listen in to my podcast now please……

Remember the Windom Revival radio program airs on KDOM 1580 AM and 94.3 FM Sundays at 7:45am and in Worthington, Minnesota on KWOA 730 AM at 9am.

Did you know that FGGAM is a 501c3? Please pray about a love offering to the ministry that reaches out to the world from Albuquerque, NM. Giving has slowed here at FGGAM since 2017 started. Please pray for us. Please pray about becoming a monthly donor. $25.00 a month goes a long way here at FGGAM, a bare bone ministry!

If you would like me to preach at your Church, please email me, it would be a blessing to come.

From Oswald Chambers:

By faith  Abraham obeyed; and he went out, not knowing
whither he went.
    Hebrews 11:8
The great point of Abraham’s faith in God was that he was
prepared to do anything for God. He was there to obey God,
no matter to what belief he went contrary.

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