This is from our dear Sister in Christ, Lydia Haley…….

Lydia Haley Crandall  at First Christian Church.

Just attended the most beautiful service celebrating the life of a dear & beautiful person, Shaunna Arredondo-Boling. Her pastor spoke about love & how Shaunna lived in such a way that reflected God’s love with such beauty & grace. He said he is confident that if Shaunna could tell him anything right now, she’d say “tell them about Jesus” if you are a friend or family member of Shanunna or Shaylee‘s & you don’t know about Jesus-how his sole purpose on this earth was to die for YOU & your sin-please message me!! I would LOVE to share with you about the hope we have in Christ & how I know one day, we will see these precious ladies again! One day, each & every one of us will face judgment before God. If we have placed our trust in Christ & repented of our sins, we will hear “well done, my good & faithful servant.” But if we choose to reject God & his forgiveness, we will hear “depart from me, I never knew you.” Choose this day whom you will serve-we are never promised tomorrow.
Friends, please continue to pray for this precious, grieving family in the days, weeks & months to come.


Here is our post from Feb. 1, 2017:

This morning we weep at the news of another very tragic death in New Mexico. We weep mourn for the family. John 11:35 tells us..Jesus wept.  I have a couple things I want to share with you to capture the emotion of two more very tragic deaths in New Mexico. As my dear friend Lydia Haley says, “We grieve with hope” Lydia was classmates with Shaunna Arredondo-Boling, pictured, who was killed along with her 14 year old daughter, after the car they were in was plowed into by a driver of a stolen van. Shaunna was in the hospital for 13 days before passing away.      ABQ Journal Report


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