Always Your Friends in Christ


I preach Proverbs 16:24 often……. on Facebook, at FGGAM.ORG and when I’m in the pulpit and when I counsel folks. It came back to me and Sharon big time yesterday with this love note…….Dear Dewey, Vickie and I have been so blessed by your ministry over 3 decades. When Vickie had her travel agency, A1 TRAVEL, dba THE CRUISE SHOPPE, she advertised on your Christian radio until closing the agency and then doing limited work from home with you. When cancer struck her 10 years ago you came to her side in prayer, anointing with oil in Jesus name and telephone interviews with both of us as witnesses to the Lords work in our lives and in yours. We have witnessed the changes and powerful growth in your spiritual and personal life, even being at your wedding with your lovely wife Sharon and then becoming a pastor and the growth of FGGAM and DEWEY’S DAILY CUP, which we look forward to every day.
We love you and your ministry in and for God always.

Always your friends in Christ,

Louis & Vickie Cannavale

Thank you Lou and Victoria Cannavale-Mahan for your Godly love and testimony. My prayer is that more and more see the world as Lou and Vickie do.

Ronald Reagan said it well: “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.”

I pray that the world puts Proverbs 16:24 to work.

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