Josh from KDOM just emailed me that the station had technical problems this morning so the program did not air at 7:45am. KDOM will play it at at around Noon today! Thanks to Linda Ortmann for also telling me the program did not air. Having been in radio for 40 years, I sure do know what it is like to have technical problems! So we surely do understand!!! Amen! Thank you for letting us know Josh!

Here is the program for you……..PTL!!!

Thank you for being with me this Sunday morning here at the Windom Revival Radio Program on this wonderful radio station. Sadly, I do not hear many folks talking about the movie WAR ROOM anymore, and how it changed their life! I am still on fire from that movie and the message! It changed my life! One thing I am finding about so many folks these days they jump from one thing to the next without letting anything stick to them! Meaning the knowledge from the movie WAR ROOM is forgotten, just like many sermons that Pastors give. We are a society that moves so very fast, from one thing to the next, the next event to the next church program. Many jump so fast into the next phase, they do not let God work on them. They miss the movement and knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to read the book pictured below, which came from the WAR ROOM movie.

Please now listen to my Sunday message here on Jan. 22nd, 2017! Just a reminder, the program also airs on KWOA 730AM at 9am Sundays. 

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