How Did Dewey’s Daily Cup Get Its Name?


Good morning folks!!! We love you all!!! Thanks to our friend Shari Hardway Johnson, for helping us celebrate in our LORD, 20 years at Dewey’s Daily CUP!!!! Started out as a prayer email, listing prayer requests from people all over the world. Then God added KKIM Christian radio in Albuquerque to my duties, then I became Pastor Jim Montoya‘s Associate Pastor at the Open Door Church of God in Los Lunas, NM, who helped soak into me, to carry out the Great Commission, being Salt and Light to the world and REVIVAL!!! Then God established FGGAM! FGGAM, Lord Willing will be 5 years young in August of 2017. We are in AWE of GOD! Amen! There is a lot more to the journey of course, Lord willing I will share more as the time goes. Before 1997, I had several years at WFRN Christian radio, which really also helped build my foundation in God! Amen! My foundation goes all the way back to 1956 being born in Windom, Minnesota, just an outstanding community to grow up in!!! That is one of the reasons God sent me back in 2016, to pay Windom back for so many blessings in my life! Amen! PS The CUP still goes out in a mass email and also is posted at FGGAM.ORG!!!! All for God’s Glory! Amen! We get up at around 3am to 4am each morning to swerve God and you, because God has called us to do so. Do you know what God has called you to do for HIM?

By the way, back in 1997, we ran a contest to name the prayer email, and Rick Griffin of Albuquerque submitted Dewey’s Daily Cup as the name, and he won!!!! It was selected by our readers! Rick, to this day, has a CUP with us and also is a financial supporter of the ministry!

Please pray about a monthly love offering to FGGAM, $25.00 makes a huge difference in this ministry! All for God’s Glory! Amen! We help so many people that cannot afford to give, so you help hold them up, in Jesus name, Amen!

Over the last 20 years the CUP has touched thousands and thousands of people from all over God’s World for His Glory! Amen! Today, FGGAM.ORG, on the average, touches 5,000 people a day around God’s Globe! FOR GOD’S GLORY ALONE!!!!

WOW! DYNAMITE, again from Adrian Rogers….I was so blessed to be introduced to Adrian’s teachings several years ago when his program played on KKIM Radio, in Albuquerque, which I managed. I have had the greatest teachers God has ever made!!!! Read this…….Douglas MacArthur once said, “You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubts, as young as your self with confidence, as old as your fears, as young as your hope, as old as your despair.” God gives unfading strength for His undiminishing promises.

Latch onto the truth in this verse and let it become the hallmark of your later years: “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” Proverbs 4:18

Read the entire post today at FGGAM.ORG! We love you all! Hang onto God and His Word! Amen!

PS….I am still adjusting to the growth and demands of FGGAM, WOW! and also trying to get a CUP out daily!!!! LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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