Good Morning Beautiful People…Believe For the River


Good Morning Beautiful People…Believe For The River

Good morning beautiful people. I was a guest on a two hour radio program yesterday (I will share the podcast with you at a later date) called The River. As I traveled and prayed for my time on the air and asked God for His Words to speak, I felt impressed to stop at the abortion clinic to pray.

I went inside and asked a few questions. I asked them if someone had an abortion at their clinic and then was feeling horrible about the decision they had made, where could they go for help? Did they have any recommendations? As I know women that have been to their clinic and have had trouble coping after. The woman really didn’t want to talk to me and kept saying she couldn’t give me any private information, in which I was not requesting any. She finally said Family Enrichment. I thanked her and walked away.

I began to dialogue with God Himself on my way to the parking lot. If you just aborted your child (family) how is that enrichment? I began to inquire of the Lord. Why if this is such a good thing family enrichment (abortion) why is there just a little hole to speak through to talk with this lady, I continued to ask Him the tough questions. Why is there bars around the property God?

I visited this clinic once before. I asked if I could post a brochure about the Healing Waters Women’s Conference held last September in Bridgewater, Maine. The woman took the information and I pray she did indeed post it.

Today, it looks like America is fighting back on behalf of the lives of the unborn. I thank God for everyone that stands for life. Every life is important to our Father, Jesus Christ. What’s important to Him should be important to us.

Readers, I wanted to ask you today to pray for The River. Let’s ask Him for what is happening here in America would truly flow across the waters to touch the nations. Our neighboring countries, just across the river, needs an awakening too.

Let’s Pray: Father, all across this globe today we join our prayer (faith) and pray for the unborn. We pray Lord you remove the veil that the God of this age has blinded Your people (2 Corinthians 4:4) so they can see truth. Thank you for hearing when we call.

Father, we thank you that there is healing in Your river. You know the lies we have bought into from the world views and You say, forgiven. There is nothing that you cannot forgive and heal Your people from. Thank you for the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Today, God we ask you for Healing Waters to flow across the river. Nothing can stop the river of God. Thank you that the healing has begun in our nation and we thank you for the river that is flowing across borders to the nations. Even the rocks and the ice can’t stop the river of God from flowing.

Have a blessed day beautiful people, thank him for the river. He is a mighty, mighty God. There is healing in His river.

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