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Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede:
My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24 


To Dewey’s Daily Cup

Dear People of God,

Last night I was blessed by a phone conversation with Pat Patricia Dunnick, from Windom Minnesota, such a dear woman of God. I am so thankful to our Lord that I met Pat and her hubby Butch during the Windom Revival. It is because of Pat and Butch and others the Revival continues in the Windom area. Pat and I were talking about the miracles that have taken place in Windom since the Revival! Pat and Butch host a weekly prayer gathering at their home, Thursdays at 6:30pm. If you would like further info, just message me or Pat. Prayer changes everything. You will be blessed by attending the prayer gathering, Amen! Leaders of the Windom Revival: Rodney Byam Diane Kruger Jennifer Anderson Linda Ortmann Pat Patricia Lynn Fisher Denise ‘Nelson’ Moede David Moede Shari Hardway Johnson Richard Gordon The Outreach is all God… outreach from God for all of us to be REVIVED in HIM! AMEN! We are blessed to have the Windom Revival Radio program now on 3 radio stations, all by a move of God, KDOM in Windom 1580AM and 94.3 FM at 7:45am Sundays and in Worthington on KWOA 730AM at 9am Sundays. All for God’s Glory! Amen!

Now, I would like to ask you to pray about helping with all our efforts for God. Our outreach in New Mexico and the World is expanding, through one on one visits, counseling and Hospital visits and preaching God has exploded the growth of FGGAM, Grace Cordova of Albuquerque said this week, “I do not know how you do all that you do” I said, “It’s all God, for His Glory! He instructs me everyday! He gives me the health to go” Our sermon podcasts are growing in listenership all over the world, I just noticed this morning, a listener in Heron Lake, Minnesota and London, England!!!!  Russia remains a top country that listens to our sermon podcasts!!! I am getting support from Pastor Ricky and Pastor Paul and Isaac. This little ministry just needs a little monthly support from you. Like many of you, we watch every penny. We are also continuing to downsize the way we live. Pastor Ricky, a craftsman, is helping prepare our house for sale. The ministry will continue to be run out of our home. We are a bare bone ministry!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! We are mobile by the “Jesus Car” that Pastor Ruben and Lucy Gomez donated. Maybe next time we go to Windom, we fly? We are praying for expansion of our social media, which costs. But it is all in God’s hands. We also are praying that someday, maybe, we can bring on Pastor Ricky full-time. We need help. I go 7 days a week.

Please pray for us, we are praying for you! All sold out for God! It is all about Him, not us! Amen! This whole thing on earth is about Him, not us.
There is much work to do for God!
Love, Dewey and Sharon

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