Capitalism Without Conscience


Today we continue our series on being CITIZENS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. This morning we turn once again to James 4:4-7. Please read that scripture again before listening to this podcast. Our theme today is MAINTAIN CONSCIENCE IN THE MIDST OF CAPITALISM. I’m glad we live in a capitalistic country. I personally do not think that “Capitalism” is a dirty word! It means “Free Market” We are free top buy and swell and make a profit! We’re free to earn our own living and make whatever amount we want! BUT, Capitalism without conscience is a dangerous form of life where competition, success, greed and materialism corrupts us. When that happens, we begin to focus inward, not toward JESUS! Capitalism without conscience causes us to look like the dark world. When we look like the rest of society, we become enemies of Jesus, an adulterous people! Read again John 4:4-7.

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