Praise God For our Pastors! This is Pastor Appreciation Month!

I have had such a blessing of having so many wonderful Pastors in my lifetime. I also have a ton of Pastors for friends, through all my years in Christian media. Then to become a Pastor in October of 2009, WOW! what a blessing to serve. I have many Pastors who guide me to this day here at FGGAM. I hold myself accountable to them. One of the duties that the Lord gave me when He established FGGAM, was to help people get connected to a Pastor and Church. A big part of the challenge we have here in America is that many do not go to Church. I know first hand the Godly impact a Pastor can have on ones life! Amen!

My first Pastor was, Pastor Kuamme of the American Lutheran Church in Windom, Minnesota. As I type this post, I have in front of me a book that Pastor Kuamme gave me, he was a kind, gentle soul!

I do not know about you, but I can name 20 plus Pastors that have had a huge impact on my life! They are my heroes! The picture I have posted is of me (WOW! I did have hair!) and  Pastor Larry Moss, who has passed onto Glory. Pastor Larry is the one God sent to me, to call me out of KKIM. Larry said that God had told him, that I needed to leave the radio business and stop being concerned about the daily functions of a radio station and go out and preach the Word of GOD! Amen! Larry said, God wants you to be salt and light to the world!

WOW! Dramatic moment in my life, life changing! Larry was one of my chief advisers when I was at KKIM and then until God called him home.

I have to add that it was not more than a few days later when Pastor Bill Ruhl came through my door at KKIM and told me the same thing Larry did! WOW! WOW! God had spoken to him also! Pastor Bill is now the Vice-Chair of FGGAM, I love him so much, I have learned much from Bill and his angel wife Monica!  Another Pastor who played a big part in this was Pastor Barry Dickens. Years before this took place, Sharon and I were living part-time in Los Alamos, NM and attending the Methodist Church there. Pastor Barry really helped groom me as a Pastor! Barry’s sermons were so awesome, I would take so many notes. That is why I always encourage people to bring a note pad to Church, it is the classroom of God! Amen!

I think you get the picture now on how impactful Pastors have been in my life and how they continue to guide me. If you do not have a Pastor, please contact me, we have contacts all over America to help people find a Pastor and home Church. You need a Pastor and home Church, we all do!

Pastors are facing so many challenges these days, more than ever. Love on your Pastor please. The spouses of Pastors and their families are also under stress. My heart goes out to them. Many Pastors are leaving the Church for various reasons. Pray like you have never prayed before!

I want to share the following with you, it’s a good read…..

Every pastor has gotten the question. Sometimes it’s direct: “So what exactly does a pastor do?” Other times it comes indirectly: “Would you be willing to … (fill in the blank)?”    Read More Here

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