Gary Johnson’s New Goal: Break Up The Two Party System

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By Lisa HagenWelcome to THE TRAIL 2016, your daily rundown from The Hill on all the latest news in the White House, Senate and House races.

Donald Trump is fanning the flames of the possibility of a “rigged” presidential election as a new national poll has him trailing Hillary Clinton by double digits.

The GOP nominee tweeted Monday morning about claims of widespread voter fraud in the final weeks leading up to Election Day and condemned fellow Republicans who have voiced their confidence in the election process.

But Democrats and Republicans alike are dismissing his claims as unsubstantiated.

Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook quickly fired back and said Trump’s blaming the system because “that is what losers do.” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest pointed out that Trump’s own running mate, Mike Pence, and Speaker Paul Ryan have rejected his claims.

Those from within Trump’s party are echoing similar sentiments. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who’s backing Trump, said he doesn’t believe the election is being rigged against Trump and Ohio’s Republican secretary of State called Trump’s claims “irresponsible.”

Read more from The Hill’s Reid Wilson about election officials and experts debunkingTrump’s latest campaign narrative.

Stay with The Hill tonight as Trump campaigns in Ryan’s backyard and come back tomorrow morning for stories on Clinton’s final debate strategy and stories on down-ballot races.

BRINGING THE HEAT TO ARIZONA: The Hill’s Jordan Fabian reports: First lady Michelle Obama, fresh off a fiery campaign speech many are calling among the best of the year, will take the case for Hillary Clinton to the traditionally red state of Arizona on Thursday.

VOTER SURVEILLANCE: The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports: Mike Pence urged supporters to sign up as poll watchers as he and Donald Trump raise questions about the integrity of the 2016 elections.

STILL IN IT TO WIN IT: The Hill’s Rebecca Savransky reports: Donald Trump is still competing in Virginia despite word that he was shutting his operation there, CNN reported. His campaign is scheduled to begin airing TV spots Tuesday as part of a $2 million ad buy in “key markets.”

NEW BATCH OF CLINTON EMAILS: The Hill’s Julian Hattem reports: The FBI on Monday released 100 new pages of material from its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email system, opening the possibility that classified information may have been mishandled.

WHAT’S PAST IS PRESENT: The Hill’s Caitlin Yilek reports: Melania Trump said Bill Clinton’s past sexual misdeeds are fair game when the potential first lady was asked in a Fox News interview if it’s fair for the media or Donald Trump, to bring up the former president’s past.

SWITCHING TEAMS: The Hill’s Lisa Hagen reports: Bernie Sanders called on Donald Trump’s supporters to consider voting for Hillary Clinton solely over her position on campaign finance reform.

LATINOS FOR HILLARY: The Hill’s Jessie Hellmann reports: Hillary Clinton has a 50-point lead over Donald Trump among Latino voters, 67 percent to 17 percent, a new poll shows.

CLINTON CRUSHES NATIONALLY: The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports: Hillary Clinton has opened up a 12-point national lead over Donald Trump among likely voters, a new poll finds.

DEAD HEAT IN A COLD STATE: The Hill’s Rebecca Savransky reports: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a close race in the typically red state of Alaska, according to a new poll.

THREE-WAY RACE IN UTAH: The Hill’s Mark Hensch reports: Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin is basically tied with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Utah, according to a new poll.

TRUMP TV: The Hill’s Rebecca Savransky reports: Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has reportedly contacted a top dealmaker in the media industry within the past couple of months about creating a Trump television network, the Financial Times reported.A new video spoofs a Trump TV nightly lineup.

MISSING IN ALASKA: The Hill’s Reid Wilson reports: Alaskans won’t find any information about Donald Trump in their voter’s guide this year, after his campaign failed to submit biographical data and a candidate statement.

“You’re telling me that the candidate who snorted his way through the first two debates is accusing the other candidate of taking drugs?”

— White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during Monday’s news briefing, mocking Donald Trump for calling for a drug test before Wednesday’s final presidential debate.

SCOTUS SAGA: The Hill’s Jordain Carney reports: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said he isn’t sure that Donald Trump would be better at picking a Supreme Court justice than Hillary Clinton. He also quickly walked back his statement that Republicans would automatically oppose any potential Supreme Court nominee from the Democratic nominee.

NEWSPAPER ENDORSEMENTS: Sen. Rob Portman’s campaign released a new video touting the Ohio Republican’s newspaper endorsements from several major state publications over former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D).

HOOSIER SHOWDOWN: Freedom Partners Action Fund launched a new digital adtargeting former Sen. Evan Bayh over recent reports showing that the Indiana Democrat was searching for a new job while finishing out his term in the upper chamber.

ATTENDANCE RECORD: The North Carolina Democratic Party released an analysis that Republican Sen. Richard Burr missed nearly 70 percent of Senate Armed Services Committee. Burr faces a tough reelection race against former state Rep. Deborah Ross (D).

RED STATE STRATEGY: The Hill’s Jessie Hellmann reports: Hillary Clinton’s campaign plans to dump millions of dollars into traditionally red states like Arizona, Indiana and Missouri that are now considered competitive for Democrats due to the struggles of Donald Trump.
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Donald Trump holds a rally in Green Bay, Wis. at 7 p.m. today. He will also hold two rallies on Tuesday: one in Colorado Springs at 3 p.m. and another in Grand Junction at 5 p.m.

Mike Pence will hold two rallies in North Carolina on Tuesday, one at 2 p.m. in Wilmington and the other at 6 p.m. in Fayetteville.

Tim Kaine holds a campaign event with his wife, Anne Holton, at 2:30 p.m. in Detroit on Tuesday.

Bill Clinton will campaign in Blue Bell, Pa. at 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

There will be three Senate debates today: one in Florida between Marco Rubio andPatrick Murphy (7 p.m.); one in Pennsylvania between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty (7 p.m.), and another between Rob Portman and Ted Strickland.

There will be two more Senate debates on Tuesday: one between Ron Johnson andRuss Feingold (9:30 p.m.) and the other between Todd Young and Evan Bayh (7 p.m.).


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