Are you a Good Steward?


We need to start with God. Everything belongs to Him. God created and then He gave us responsibility. We cannot speak of ownership in an absolute sense, only God owns in an absolute sense.

We were created after the Earth was created. God gave instructions to Adam and Eve after He created them. God knows that unless we mange His property by His instructions, we will not get His results.

Stewardship always has limitations. God gave much to eat from but He gave only one they could not eat from.

Christianity has more positive then negative. God always keeps something back. Everyone had to give 10% Before, during and after the law was given. It is for God’s purposes only. It does not belong to us.

Freedom never means you can do whatever you want. Freedom means that I have the power to do what I am supposed to do. We get that from Truth. You cannot have Truth without Absolutes. Jesus said “Let us go…” That means He is with us and we need not worry.

If the Bible is not in your hand you cannot remember that we are ok in hard times. We should focus on what He gives us and not on what He holds back. Whenever men fail to obey God, abuse and failure will occur. If men will steal from God, they will steal from you. When God is no longer God and Man is no longer Man and Man is now God, he will not respect life.

Don’t let Satan focus you on the wrong things. Sooner or later God will always let you know who owns what. He will reduce you down to size. Sooner or later you will be held accountable for your stewardship or lack thereof.

Never get upset because others given more than you, God will only hold you accountable for what He has given you. God expects you to take what He gives you and maximize it to as much as you can.

Don’t become complacent. Don’t play with what He has given to you in your care. If you’re not a good steward, get ready to lose your stuff. He who has that uses what he has, God will multiply. Be willing to maximize what you have.

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Mark is a US Army Veteran and has called Albuquerque home since 1997. He earned degrees at Albuquerque Bible College, and Faith Evangelical Seminary before attending the Shepherd’s School at Cross Christian Fellowship. He has felt a calling to start a church along Route 66, in Albuquerque to reach others for Christ. Mark has had struggles with addictions, drugs, alcohol and other things, in the past. He has recovered from them, with Christ and has a desire to help others with them as well. He has a desire to setup a recovery home in Albuquerque, or nearby, to help others in the recovery process as well as help them gain some job skills and learn to have personal interactions with others. Mark grew up in traditional churches. He did not find the true meaning of having a Relationship with Jesus. At the age of 31, after hearing a Pastor talk about this Relationship, he rededicated his life to Jesus and started on a path for ministry. You can check out Recovery In Action Ministries FaceBook Page for more info on Recovery issues. Mark has been married to his wife Rebecca since 2005. Together they have four boys between them. They minister together to help others grow in their relationships with their spouses, children and family. In his free time, Mark likes to ride motorcycles, shooting and building things.

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