Dave Fjeld of Cottonwood County Citizen: Great Revival!


Pictured above is Rodney Byam Chairman of FGGAM Revival Committee presenting a portrait that he did of Jack Kelly. Kelly is to the far right. In the middle is Greg Warner of the BARC, host of the Windom Revival. Jack Kelly was honored for his Godly service to the Windom area and all he has done for the BARC. An effort is underway to name the gym at the BARC after Jack, who is a Hall-of-Fame Coach, but more importantly, a Hall-of-Fame person. God does not make them any better than Jack Kelly, who has lived his life for the people of Windom, from being a School teacher, basketball and baseball coach, fireman, rescue squad member and the list can go on and on……….a first class Godly citizen of Windom, a role model for us all.

Dave Fjeld of the Cottonwood County Citizen in Windom, Minnesota wrote this about the Windom Revival:

If you didn’t make it to either night of “The Windom Revival: The Hope of Windom is Jesus,” you missed something very uplifting and inspiring.
I attended a portion of Friday night’s session and all of Saturday night’s session.
I caught only a portion of the tribute to Jack Kelly, but what I did see was excellent. In fact – and I would encourage others to do the same – I’m contemplating getting a copy of Buckwheat Johnson’s video of both nights of the revival. I understand the DVD for the two nights is just $36, and if Friday night’s session was as moving as Saturday night’s session, it will be well worth the money.
The five gentlemen that spoke during the two nights of the revival were unquestionably speaking from the heart and sharing what the Lord had laid on their hearts. Those men – Dewey Moede, Bob Elness, Paul Dokken, Franz Boelter and, on Saturday night, Rod Byam – are all Windom natives (of course, Rod still lives here in Windom). After listening to their words, they left no doubt that they have fond memories of growing up in Windom and still care deeply for their hometown. They would not have traveled – in a couple of cases great distances – if they didn’t believe that “the hope of Windom is Jesus.”
If there was a disappointment from the revival, it’s that these four men aren’t still living in Windom. The communities in which they live are blessed to have them.
Special thanks to Dewey
As many of you know, the revival has been six years in the making and none of it would have happened without the passion Dewey Moede has for his hometown.
The revival was something that God laid on his heart. I know there were times when he wondered if this revival would ever come to fruition. Six years can be a long wait. But it happened.
And while Moede’s passion for the revival got the ball rolling, Moede will be the first to tell you that it still wouldn’t have happened if not for some key people working behind the scenes in Windom. Indeed, Rod Byam was one of the key men locally in making this revival happen. During Saturday night’s session, he shared how God has touched his life after a 37-foot fall from a tree last year. He has a renewed devotion to the Lord and knows that his life was spared because helping organize this revival was what God had in His plans for Rod.
You’ll hear more about Rod’s story in a Thanksgiving story in November.
Dewey has contacted me several times in the two weeks since the revival and says that even though the revival has passed, residual work from the revival is still very much at work in Windom and other places.
Thanks, Dewey and Rod, for all your work. The fruits of your labor are already being born.

Thanks Dave, all for God’s Glory alone! Amen!

Special thanks to Pat Fisher who played the piano both nights! What a blessing! Nobody plays the piano for God like Pat! Amen!
pat-and-shariShari Johnson traveled from West Virginia and played her fiddle and sang her heart out for God! Amen! What a blessing it was to have this strong Woman of God with us! Amen!

Pat and Shari are pictured.

The Windom Cordhustlers blessed us Saturday night with such Godly songs! Thanks guys!

Thanks to Dave Fjeld of the Cottonwood County Citizen for all the photos!

My best buddy, Pastor Richard Gordon of Albuquerque traveled with me, and helped me so very much! His assistance was so very valuable! Amen!

I also want to include here the letter I wrote to the Editor of the Cottonwood County Citizen:

Recent revival benefits from solid local support
It was a blessing to be back in Windom for the revival!
God gave me this vision six years ago and to see it take place in such a dynamic way is such a blessing. Windom is such a blessed town, so full of Godly energy and so friendly. I cannot think of any towns of 4,000 that are moving forward into the future with the energy Windom has!
It was like I had never left! With my visits to different nursing and retirement homes and businesses while I was there, I was so touched by the love of the community. So many people touched my heart during the visit!
Rodney Byam and his FGGAM Revival committee did outstanding work for God. The BARC is very special to me as I was the custodian there in the late 1960s and early 1970s before leaving for college. Greg Warner and the folks at the BARC were wonderful hosts. I remember writing letters to the Citizen years ago, encouraging the Windom school board not to tear down the BARC.
What a tremendous asset the BARC is to Southwestern Minnesota! God does not make them any better than Dave Fjeld, who did an outstanding work in his coverage of the revival that has encouraged so many. Dan Dobson of KDOM and his staff also provided awesome coverage. It was a community effort for God!
Many helped! It is great to see unity in Jesus! I pray I will comeback again for another revival in the future, if that is the will of God.
Always remember Windom, God has blessed you all greatly! Tremendous things happen with unity in Jesus.
- Pastor Dewey Moede
Albuquerque, NM

From Rodney Byam Committee Chairman for FGGAM in Windom, Minnesota:

The Revival at Barc Windom is over but revival goes on in the hearts of people who are believers. We need to constantly be revived in the name of Jesus Christ. Buckwheat JohnsonVideotaped both evenings and has the two nights on DVD that you can purchase for 36.00, just call and order, his phone number is 507- 831-2023,if there is no answer leave your order on the answering machine. When you call thank Buckwheat Johnson for taking the time from his family to do this.

Radio DeweyPRAISE GOD, THE WINDOM REVIVAL CONTINUES!!!! So blessed to tell you that we are starting a new venture in radio ministry with KDOM Radio in Windom, Minnesota! We are thankful for the love offering that helped jump start this all for God’s Glory Alone! I am so excited in the Lord that we are able to keep a voice in Windom through KDOM 1580AM and 94.3FM. The program will air at 7:45am on Sundays. Please spread the word! We are thankful for what God has done in Windom and is doing! We are still getting messages from friends who were blessed what God did with the Windom Revival. We pray that this radio program will encourage many in their walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. It is only through God and the generosity of an individual in Windom that we can start, and we know God will provide so that we can finish!

Please help us spread the word, as God said do not leave Windom.

God told me to continue to reach into the community that I love so much!


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