Pastor Richard Mansfield of Albuqerque Prays For Revival in Windom, Minn


We are so blessed beyond measure of all the prayers for the Windom Revival. This morning we want to share with you the prayer that Pastor Richard Mansfield of Albuquerque is praying for us. Pastor Richard is known as one of the strongest leaders for God in New Mexico. We are so very grateful for his love. Pastor Richard is a Pastors, Pastor. Amen!urgent prayer

Pastor Dewey, thank you once again for allowing me to participate in your upcoming outreach event. May God use you greatly! Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for Your love, mercy and grace. You love us so much that You gave us Your only begotten Son so that no one should perish but instead have eternal life by putting our faith in Him. Thank You for entrusting us with the ministry of reconciliation. As Pastor Dewey prepares to go back to his home town, we ask that You prepare the way for the ministry that You’ve called him to do in Windom, Minnesota.  Holy Spirit begin working on the hearts of the people that will be attending the revival meetings that will take place at the BARC on August 26-27th. Bring the hurting, broken and lost so that might find the healing and restoring power of Jesus Christ. We’re believing You for salvations, healings, re-dedications and calling to ministry. Place Your anointing power upon Pastor Dewey, Pastor Richard Gordon, Pastor Elness, Coach Boelter, Paul Dokken and others that will be sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Anoint Pat Fisher, Sharri Johnson and the Windom Cordhustlers as the minister through music. Let there be a hunger and thirst for righteousness as they preach the truth. Holy Spirit draw in individuals, families, couples both young and old that they might receive the message that You have prepared for them to hear for such a time as this. We want to thank you in advance Lord for all that you will do at the Windom Revival in Jesus name, Amen!

Pastor Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque, NM

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