Boasting That Pleases God


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Today we begin a new sermon series, “Boasting That Pleases God” Have you ever noticed how easy it is for us to brag about things? Usually we brag about things that we don’t have any right to brag about, because we did not really have any control over them anyway! For instance, we brag about raising the biggest watermelon. Really? How much did YOU really do? Plant it? Water it? We brag many ways! Sometimes we even try to disguise our bragging to make it sound innocent. When God pulled me out of KKIM Christian radio….4 years ago this August,  He gave the ministry the name, “For God’s Glory Alone”!!! That is the name He gave me, for His Glory Alone! Amen! I thank God! Paul is one that never forgot his roots. When Paul was boasting about something, it was not something that brought attention to himself. It was always something that brought attention to our Lord Jesus Christ.Dewey life verse!

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