I Have Turned My Son Over to God

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Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede:
My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24 


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 UPDATE 3:37pm 6/1/16: Robin just texted me that Bo came through the medical procedure to get fluid out of his lungs!!! PTL!!!


Hello Dear Friends,

Times are so very busy for us all, as the world spins and spins out of control! BUT! We have JESUS! Amen!

I want to share with you that I just got off the phone with Bo’s Mom, Robin Ellis. I have not given you an update on Bo (Jared Ellis) of Grants, NM in a long time, the last time I shared with you is when the family was gathering at his bedside to say goodbye.

Bo is doing better! He is now responsive and his toxic levels are going down.

Bo is pictured above with his nephew Evian. Bo got Evian a Red Rider BB gun for his birthday.

Robin wants to thank you all for your prayers! I asked her how she is staying so strong, as Bo has crashed 7 times! Robin says the day she handed Bo over to God that was a huge move for her when she knew the only thing to do was hand the life of her son over to God.

Bo is 25 years young.

As you go about you day, think and pray for Bo and Robin and the family, she is so very thankful.

They now think the truck that Bo was driving landed on him, causing his chest to be crushed.

When Sharon and I were in Denver this past Memorial Day weekend, I looked at our granddaughter and children differently, I looked at them through the eyes of Robin.

Robin is teaching me much. Hand over everything, I mean everything to God.

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