God Called Us 4 Years Ago

Dear FGGAM Family,

Got a email from a reader of the Daily Cup this morning thanking me for our continued stance against drunk driving and a push for tougher laws and pointing out how society glorifies drinking of booze. This readers brother was killed by a drunk driver. I am wore out today from all the tragedies I have been dealing with. Going to rest today.
We have been helping many people who have been hit by tragedy and do not have a church, most folks no longer do. We do our best to help and also to get folks connected to a Church .
We even get calls from business people to help their employees when they have a tragedy
This is what God has called me and Sharon to do, all for His Glory Alone! Amen!
Thank you for your love and prayers!
Dewey and Sharon and all our volunteer writers of news and inspiration at FGGAM.ORG!

God called us 4 years ago this AugustDewey and Sharon in OctDewey life verse to form His ministry FGGAM! To show His light to one person at a time!


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