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In my nearly 40 years in radio, I have never seen such “empty” reporting. The major networks are not telling us anything we do not know. They talk and they talk and they interview…mostly “nothing noise” It concerns me greatly that the media in America has fallen so far. They make no sense to me, It is a sad feeling. Many days now I feel like the Lone Ranger, having attended radio and TV school and passing my journalism courses in the late 70’s at Brown and interning at the Minnesota State News Network while going to Brown, I feel I am in the twilight zone. Please listen to this podcast now. God Bless you and yours!

From Laura Rosecrans of The HUB of New Mexico:

Thank you New Mexico Alliance for Life for this post! IT IS TIME TO VOTE THIS PERSON OUT OF OFFICE!
“Dr. Curtis Boyd, the director of an Albuquerque clinic that has been targeted by anti-abortion groups for performing late-term abortions, gave $1,000 to Sanchez’s personal re-election account.” ABQ JOURNAL
Michael Sanchez is working WITH the Pro-Death groups to keep abortion alive and well in New Mexico!
Does NM Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez truly represent the voice of constituents in District 29 (Los Lunas and Belen area)? Sanchez takes campaign cash from Texas resident and late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd then sends the late-term abortion ban to die in the Senate Public Affairs committee– whose members also received campaign cash from the abortion industry, as pointed out by NMAFL last year. Boyd and UNM are currently under congressional investigation for potential violations of the law in harvesting of aborted baby body parts and other abortion practices.
Thank you for sharing Laura.
Years ago Pastor Larry Moss of Albuquerque, a GIANT MAN of faith told me on my radio program, that the failure of the church was due to the “dumbing down” of seminary schools. Larry said it was the “trickle down” down effect, from Pastor to congregation and the watering down of God’s Word. We see the results in our society. Larry said that it is scary what is coming out of seminary schools. Larry served as Pastor at Heights Cumberland in Albuquerque for many years and had a radio program on KKIM. He also was my guest on News and Views for years. Larry passed away this past Thanksgiving. The seminary comments have got to be from 7 to 8 years ago.

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