We are in the FGGAM war room praying for the safety of all in the Bossier City, LA area……..praying for recovery… Jesus name, Amen! Bossier City is Richard Griffin’s hometown. Richard now lives in Albuquerque and has been a long time friend of this ministry. Richard’s Mother lives in Bossier City along with family and many friends and people Richard coached. I asked Richard to write a post for us on this tragedy, he also sent us the video.

Bossier is a community rooted deep in faith and family! It is not a perfect community, none really are, but is part piece Americana, part small town USA, but above all else southern to its very core! A place where manners run deep, truth, honor, and wisdom still mean something! Bossier has been rocked to its core with recent flooding that has been called a once in thousand year event! Something I have never seen in my lifetime! However, it is not a community that will ask or even expect pity but one that will elevate its heritage and continue neighbor helping neighbor! I am so proud of how and where I was raised. Bossier has taken a hit no doubt, but if I know Bossier they will return stronger and prouder than before and they will continue to do something they do very well there …..pray, God Bless, Richard Griffin

Please put the people of the Bossier City area on your prayer list, Thank you!

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