If ISIS is Losing, Why is the US Evacuating Southern Turkey?


Following the attacks in Brussels last week, President Barack Obama and his administration claimed that the fight against the Islamic State or ISIS was going well and that the Muslim centered terrorist group was losing ground.

However, it was announced on Tuesday that the United States had issued orders to military and civilian families to immediately leave southern Turkey for their own safety out of an abundance of caution.

While the Pentagon press secretary, Peter Cook, stated that there was no specific threat, there has been great concern over increased activity by the Islamic State militarily to the south in Syria and Iraq.

So if ISIS is on the run and we are closer to defeating the Islamic State, why are we evacuating southern Turkey? Keep in mind that the Turkish president will be meeting with President Obama in Washington during a nuclear summit this week.

Israel has also issued a warning to its citizens to leave Turkey, as their safety cannot be assured.

What are we not being told here? Is this just a heightened state of alert due to increased terrorist activity or is the Islamic State about to overrun the Turkish boarder and once again change the landscape of the Middle East?

Obviously, we will have to wait for the truth to filter out but we should understand the biblical significance of this part of the world.

Modern Turkey is the historical home to the seven churches of Revelation and we should not ignore that. The great kingdoms described in Daniel and Revelation includes Turkey, Syria and Iraq and the anti-Christ will most likely come from this region too.

The very DNA of Europe is changing right before our eyes both physically and spiritually; as the battle is all ready being won by Syrian fighters that have invaded unimpeded every corner of the EU.

The military battle for Turkey is about who will control the Islamic caliphate and lead in the destruction of Israel.

All of this doom and gloom talk should be understood in the light of Satan’s final act of rebellion against God. The spirit of anti-Christ has taken firm root in the heart of man because the majority of humanity has not so politely told the Lord, He is not welcome and something must always fill the void.

If we have an eye to see the truth, we will discover that many of the bible’s prophecies are being fulfilled blatantly. Lord willing, tomorrow I will be able to tell you how Mystery Babylon is being set up in our nation’s largest city with the return from history of the Bible’s most notorious false god, Ba’al.

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