Pastor Dewey Moede Note:  America has no leaders……no foreign policy……tied up in a Presidential circus that is embarrassing to God…..just awful what is happening to America,…the “dumbing down” continues. America has lost it’s position in the World as the leader of the “Free World”….there is no longer a “Free World” The World is leaving God…..The idea that I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in what we learned in school…America, the leader of the free world…. and now I see the World going dark, very, very sad as a Grandfather to our first grand baby……FGGAM will continue to cover world events and will not get tied up in the “dumbing down” of America.


“Failed State Wars” in Syria and Iraq
Anthony H. Cordesman, CSIS

The fighting has become at least three different and interrelated conflicts: a fight against Daesh, a low-level sectarian and ethnic civil conflict in Iraq, and an intense civil war in Syria. It also, however, is part of a far broader regional and global conflict against terrorism, part of the competition between the US and Russia, part of the competition between the majority of the Arab world and Iran, and part of an emerging struggle for a Kurdish identify, Turkey, and the Arab world.
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