What Are You Praying?


Jerry CalfIf someone were to ask you what your church’s prayer ministries and activities were all about, and perhaps how they might be affecting your community, and world, would you be able to give an answer?

If we do not see prayer as being the true power of the church, we will not see true supernatural power in the church!     The subject matter within your prayer meetings will tell the depth, and heart, and spirit of the people who pray.    What consumes your people’s corporate praying reveals what they are most concerned about in, and for, their world.

The church has far more power available than it realizes!   God moves in response to prayer!

Page 19 of my friend, Ron Dunn’s book, “DON’T JUST STAND THERE, PRAY SOMETHING”, he stated, “Prayer is the secret weapon of the kingdom of God.   It is like a missile that can be fired toward any spot on earth, travel undetected at the speed of thought, and hit its target every time; it can even be armed with a delayed detonation device.”

I am never satisfied simply teaching how to pray to merely use God as a means of getting, receiving, or escaping personal discomfort, never that; my goal and purpose is on a much deeper level.    I collaborate with God to the raising up of intercessors, whose great love and joy is in seeing the will of God fulfilled in the lives of other men and women, boys and girls, all around the world.   I watch for the Spirit of God to challenge praying people to release the Kingdom of God into their communities, cities, and nations of the world to bring about positive change.    I search for persons so excited about the power of believing prayer, in Jesus’ name, that they confidently enter the battle to set captives free from the evil one’s influence, with expectancy!

Churches will experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in brokenness and repentance when some “one” in the church becomes willing to sacrifice time and energy in selfless prayer for their own church.   I am not trying to orchestrate, I am trying to arouse praying people willing to ‘pray the price’ because they love their church, as He loves the church, and they long to see people saved, as He longs to see people saved!   When the move of the Spirit comes, He brings conviction, brokeness, and repentance, in a wave of overwhelming, unstoppable power!   Every church must have at least “one” person who will sacrifice themselves on the altar for others.   In addition, it will not matter one whit what flavor Church it is!

I pray for a spirit of prayer to fall upon all of His churches that would begin and sustain a movement of prayer, beyond anything in your church’s history; that He would raise up people committed to prevail in prayer until all are overwhelmed with the spirit of revival to the overflowing into your communities causing widespread Spiritual Awakenings!    What are you praying?

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