President Obama’s Last State of the Union Speech and The Iranian Hostages


Well, President Barak Obama has made his last State of the Union speech of his elected term without a mention of the great and dark cloud that had formed just hours before over his presidency, his own Iranian hostage situation.

As the president took the podium before a joint gathering of congress and the Supreme Court justices he had been briefed that 10 members of the United States Navy had been captured in Iranian waters following an apparent engine failure of one of the two ships. The Iranians claim that they will soon release the American sailors but only time will tell.

Mr. Obama is continuing to project weakness to the world as he still plans to pay Iran and its godless Ayatollah a reported $100 billion as part of the so-called peace agreement that was not ratified by the US Senate as required by the constitution and the Senate is content to allow him to do so because the do not have the votes to challenge him, yet another show of weakness.

The president of the United States made no mention of the Iranian hostage situation during his speech nor did he once mention the worldwide battle against Islamic terrorism and the Islamic State that has come to American shores in recent days.

The president is content to do the very minimum needed to keep people from waking up to his surrender to terror.

Mr. Obama doesn’t live in a place we call reality, as he is unwilling to confront the fight we face in any serious way but that is consistent with his worldview. When the president spoke of race relations in his speech he said that he regretted that he had not done more help. Please, if he helped anymore we would have people killing each other on a massive scale. Please Mr. President, no more help thanks.

Just as we don’t need anymore Jimmy Carter style diplomacy either, last time it took the election of Ronald Reagan to free Iranian hostages and this time may take a Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump but what if we get Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? That $100 billion looks more like a down payment.

From a biblical perspective we get the kind of leader we have as judgment for the tolerance we have of sin. We should pray for a quick release of the hostages as we understand that President Obama and his Secretary of State look to appease the Iranian leaders by paying the Jezreel tax. If John Kerry represents Mr. Obama well he may beat Jimmy Carter’s record for longest held hostages while groveling for their forgiveness that we ever dared to oppose them.

According to Scripture, if we want to see 10 men put a thousand to flight we must repent of our wicked ways and humble ourselves to pray and then the Lord will hear from heaven and heal our land, but notice I said we, we refers to American believers not the godless. The Lord said, “If my people will…”

It is time for believers to reject the devil and his ways and return to the Lord.

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