If New Mexico did not have enough problems, unemployment is the highest in the United States. More Here This comes with the news in the last few days that Sprint is closing its Call Center in Rio Rancho, leaving 400 people without a job and now today we get the news that the Coca-Cola Plant in Portales is moving its warehouse operations to Amarillo, leaving 59 people without a job. Not to mention Smith’s Supermarket closing in Socorro, a huge blow to the community and county. The oil industry is depressed, oil prices are unstable. These are very serious problems in New Mexico, as businesses keep moving out of state or closing. You cannot have a successful society with a failing educations system, the Legislature is not addressing the deep issue of the dropout rate of high school students in the state. So many of our children are in poverty and then turn to a life of drugs, gangs and crime. We have a heroin epidemic in our state, I know, I talk to many of the victims and their families and Police Officers. It’s pure hell. We have so many single parent families in our state, another deep concern of the heart. So many children are being aborted in our state, they never get a chance to live. These deep issues of the heart, for our Lord Jesus Christ need to be addressed, until then, New Mexico will struggle. I will tell you this, with all these laws being tossed around in the Legislature, life will not improve, these problems will persist and worsen, its a heart issue, a heart change needs to take place, hearts need to be given to our Lord Jesus Christ, His way and His Word.

Unless this happens, failure will continue and worsen.

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