The Albuquerque Journal’s Collen Heild has a very informative investigative report in today’s edition. It’s about gun violence in the state of New Mexico. What are we going to do with this information: Anything? What do you think should be done?

New Mexico is one of the most violent states in America. I pray the Governor and Legislature can come together and get tougher on thugs being let out of jail and out on bail! Thugs with guns equals violence and that is one reasons New Mexicans buy guns, to protect themselves. Will the Governor and Legislature, with only a 30 day session, even get to address violent crime and boomerang thugs and the messed up Judicial system? With a downfall in oil prices and other economic factors, they will be dealing with a looming budget crisis. There are way too many here in New Mexico that would rather shoot you than look at you, like the thug who fired four shots at a U.S. Mail carrier in Albuquerque this past year, the punk said “I did not like the way the guy looked at me.” The bullets hit the mailman’s postal truck and he chased down the thug who was then arrested, my kind’a hero!  I read today at KOB TV of an Albuquerque family having thugs come to their front door the other morning at 5:30 with guns! They tripped an alarm and ran away. The heroin epidemic in the state is another reason for such violent crime here. How do you address these issues of life and death in a 30 day session, not possible. I want even get into the extreme poverty in our state and our failing education system, which leads to crime in too many cases.

Thank you Colleen Heild and Albuquerque Journal for this report. Article Here

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