I am shocked how some pro-life leaders have become apologists for Donald Trump. I applaud the Pro-life women leaders who have come out in opposition to him. I am also concerned that too often we worry about the consequences of our standing up for the truth. How can we support an exceptions candidate when there are uncompromising candidates in the primary. I have been clear. If Trump is the last man standing against a godless, pro death dem, I am all in for Trump. But until then, I cannot support him and I do not see how any pro-lifer can morally support him.

I am a NY guy! My post is very clear and focuses on one issue, to me the primary issue! His position on abortion shows a lack of integrity and a serious shortsightedness. Among other issues with these exceptions, he is stating that abortion is perfectly ok to use to cover up felonies such as statutory rape and incest. No Prolifer can concur with this when there are other no exception candidates. All the other stuff is deflections of this serious flaw in his thinking.

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