Dewey on abortionDewey PodcastExtremely grateful to our LORD for HIS presence in my life and the life of my Sharon Moede and kids and For God’s Glory Alone Ministries – FGGAM Last night we had our year end board meeting, we thank the LORD for the leadership of Bill Ruhl Barbara Gould Sonia Haylett Wanell Pate, Kathy Richardson Garcia Last night Sonia, Wanell and Kathy could not be with us….but Bill and Barbara shared with me their Godly wisdom and accountability. 2015 was a very exciting, successful year for our LORD in the work that HE did through FGGAM! Bill stressed to me, Our mission, Bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the world… one person at a time, that has been our mission since we started 3 1/2 years ago. Bill also said, this season of transition is to a level of Apostolic oversight, as a Father looking in on His children. Bill also shared that to enter God’s rest does not mean we become inactive, but that God has become active. In this place of rest, Christ becomes our life-spring of strength. The message Bill gave was based on Psalm 91- The Shelter of the Most High.Ben 1Dewey preaching at Glenns Barbara said, Don’t say what you see, say what God says and the greater the darkness the greater the glory! Amen! As you can see me and Sharon are super blessed to have such Godly wisdom and accountability around us. Please pray for us as we go into 2016 and beyond for God’s Glory Alone! Amen!

We are also blessed with advisers, Pastor’s Don Kimbro, Leonard Navarre and Ruben Gomez.

We take accountability very seriously and seeking Godly wisdom. God told me when He moved me and Sharon into FGGAM, have strong, Godly people around you! We also have no debt. The Lord told me never to go into debt. We run for our Lord on a very slim budget from our home and donated car and the latest technology to reach the world for Jesus Christ. The FGGAM website has been such an AWESOME blessing from our LORD! AMEN! Russia, on some days,  is our number one country listening to my podcasts.

Thank you to all of you who give love offerings to FGGAM to fuel this ministry forward, we are so ever grateful to you all, we always do not know how to express out thankfulness! Would you please pray about becoming a supporter of God’s work here at FGGAM? It is not of me and Sharon but it is all for God and His people. Bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the world……one person at a time. I know you have many ministries that you may already support and I am so very thankful that you do that…..especially the support of your home Church!Dewey and Sharon in OctDewey ServicesDewey HUBad 970X90

We are thankful to all of our volunteer writers, who write for God here at FGGAM!

Happy New Year to you and yours. God Bless you.

My life verse is……..Acts 20:24….My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.

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