Paris Attacks Prove the Battle Against ISIS is Spiritual Before Tactical


The world is in a state of shock following the deadly bombings and shootings in Paris last Friday. But European and American leaders are at a loss in defining the foe we face and just how to fight it and so the actions being taken are merely superficial.

As I have stated many times on the Factor, what we face is spiritual not flesh and blood. The enemy cannot be boxed into a single country or even a single leader.

This was proved on Saturday as the three democrat contenders for the presidency debated and could not name what we face, once they used nouns like jihadist and extremist they hit the political correctness wall.

The world itself could not identify the foe that killed hundreds not only in Paris but Beirut and the Russian airplane as Twitter saw #MuslimsAreNotTerorist climb to the number one trend over the weekend. There were some anti-Muslim protests in Europe but they did not amount to much.

The difficulty the world faces is how do you define evil without good? Much of the world, indeed much of the United States has rejected the Lord and without Him and His absolute truth it is difficult to identify the lies. Ok, one more analogy. You cannot define the darkness without the light.

Because we remove the Lord’s standard, we cannot and will not recognize the fact that we are fighting Islam taken to its logical conclusion. Muslims not only adhere to the teachings of the Koran, but they imitate their false prophet Mohamed and he was not a very nice guy.

Without a correct understanding of this spiritual battle we cannot develop tactics to fight a war against terrorists. More importantly, without a return to the one true God and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, we will see many of our friends and family turn to this false god of war in greater numbers at incredible speed.

Because we cannot serve two masters, either we will love the one and hate the other or the other way around. The time to choose is almost at an end.

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