Should We Be Surprised by Mass Shootings in a Culture of Death?


The bible informs us that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. We find this true as we reject God in America and give place to the devil.

The culture of death has won a major victory in the state of California, as that state’s governor just signed a bill that allows doctors to aid their patients in killing themselves.

The same thinking that justifies abortion is behind this heinous law that now makes it possible for 1 in 10 Americans to end their own life with the assistance of people sworn to save life and do no harm.

The enemy now has the legal ability to end life at the beginning and the end of the life cycle and have it paid for using your tax dollars. This is what Satan longs for in a society because it leads to great death and destruction.

When the state has the right to kill a child or a senior or the very ill, it is not long before other undesirable conditions are added, and then groups of people.

Consider also that when we devalue even a single life, we devalue all life. That is why California has no death penalty for murderers but it does for the unborn and the sick. When this culture of death infects a society we also see the increase of those who devalue life so much they do not see the evil of killing one or many with guns.

The Oregon shooter executed Christians in the first state to allow doctor assisted suicide. He did not see the value of human life and really neither does much of the nation.

It is difficult for them to see the correlation between teaching our children we are evolved, the taking of a child’s life, the sick may kill themselves and the shooting of other people.

That is because must choose life instead of death.

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