Russia Surprises the US for the Second Time This Week


Once again the Russians and President Vladimir Putin have captured world headlines and surprised the United States and her leaders.

Apparently, the Russian parliament has given President Putin the authority to conduct military air strikes in Syria and while the claim is that Russia is targeting the Islamic State, it turns out they attacking the US backed rebels in support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

We continue to see a very real shift in the players on the world stage, as Mr. Putin is making clear that he will support al-Assad at all costs regardless of what the United States has to say about it.

Once again Secretary of State John Kerry is concerned and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is troubled but no one in the Obama administration is willing to say a disparaging word against Vladimir Putin, further emboldening him to act with impunity.

You may again wonder why these Middle East dust ups should matter to the everyday Christian and why I deal with it on these updates.

Simply put, Israel is the apple of the Lord’s eye and the center of the bible, but there is a secondary concern for Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Egypt, namely they represent the world we are called out of and therefore are the center of the enemy’s plan.

Consider that Abraham came out of modern Syria. The children of Israel were taken out of Egypt and Daniel was carried into Babylon, which encompasses modern Syria, Iran and Iraq.

This is also where the bible identifies the anti-Christ will rise from and includes Turkey. These places are important to watch, but we should also note the impotent rage coming from America, Britain and France who are not mentioned in scripture.

There is, however, a connection between these northern near eastern countries and a certain Gog/Magog from the north. Are we seeing this forming now? That is why we watch and stay alert.

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