Israel and Germany Hold High Level Meetings



Netanyahu and Merkel _Israel GPO Photograph_Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Berlin Wednesday evening to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a meeting which was originally scheduled for earlier this month before being delayed by the recent spike in terror attacks against Israelis. The two leaders held a joint press conference in which Merkel addressed the attacks, saying among other things that “Irael has the obligation to protect its citizens, but the means have to be commensurate with the goals. Germany’s relationship with Israel is unique. We will continue to protect Israel and always stand up for Israel’s existence. It is part of our raison d’état. Israel has faced attacks since its establishment and we think a two-state solution is the best possibility…(however) the settlements are counterproductive and everything should be done to calm the situation down. We expect him [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] to condemn everything that constitutes an act of terrorism.” Read More

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