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Just a note we had to move our website because of extreme difficulties (NO DOWNTIME! PTL! PTL!) We had outgrown the company we where with that hosted are site. We have moved to a new home, same address LOL! fggam.org! That is one of the reasons you have not had a CUP! It has been a LONG LONG project. Please pray for us, it was also very costly, money wise. But we PRAISE GOD that we are with a solid company, but mopre than that we have GOD! AMEN!
Our CUP webmaster Jannetta,  was gone for 2 weeks, now she is sick, so please pray for her!
We just got a prayer request for Joey in Midland, Texas. He is facing 8 years to life for a drug  suspected crime. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
We also got news that Michael Riek, who we have been praying for is to be released from prison, sometime in November, no date has been given to the family. I got a card in the mail from Michael yesterday! He wrote a very long letter and thanks all of you for your prayers! Amen!  We PRAISE GOD for this news, at the same time we are praying for othesr such as Stephen to be released from prison. Please keep Michael, Stephen and Joey in your prayers.
We continue to pray for the following:
Veronica, infection in the kidney that was transplanted into her. Veronica is at home.
Jan Moore, liver cancer, under hospice care at home.
Pastor Ricky Gordon, numerous health concerns.
Joan McCargish, digestive problems, under going tests.
Mike in Reserve, we pray he gets a better job!
We pray for little Jade who is living with her grandma now, we pray for her well being.
Please pray Geoff comes to Church!
We continue to pray for the family of little 4-year-old Lilly Garcia who was shot dead in a road rage incident last week in Albuquerque.
We also pray for the family of Albuquerque Police Officer Daniel Webster who died on Wednesday of gunshot wounds.
Please listen to my podcast in honor of Lilly and Officer Webster, the link is at the end of this CUP.
We also have very many unspoken prayer requests.
Two of my favorite people in the world celebrated birthdays this week, Kelly Snelgrove, who writes for us at FGGAM and serves at Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood, NM. Former Lt. Governor of New Mexico Walter Bradley’s birthday is today! I pray he runs for Governor!!!! I called Walter and left him a message, I sang him Happy Birthday, he later sent this text…..You are so nice. Taking time to sing me a Happy Birthday greeting! However
preaching and radio talk is where you are at your best……NOT singing!
Thank You! LOL!
Thank you for having a CUP! God Bless you and yours forever and ever!

PS: Did you know I am on The HUB of New Mexico at 7am weekdays with news commentary? Did you know that I am on the HUB at 11am and 3pm weekdays with a 5 minute Daily CUP? PRAISE GOD for this opportunity! PRAISE GOD for Dan and Laura Rosecrans!


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