America is Desperate For a Change

National Day of Prayer: May 6, 2016
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

America is Desperate for a Change

Present conditions in the church and nation demand united, decisive action. We need more than one positive election . . . one godly, Supreme Court decision . . . one good sermon series or one significant, local church revival.America is desperate for a change. Overall church attendance is declining. An entire generation is emerging with little understanding of absolute truth. The only hope for change is in the spiritual climate of our nation, and it begins at the grassroots level.

September 11, 2001 was a moment that forever changed America. “It was a national event which affected us all,” stated Ashley Wilson, former COA National Coordinator and current pastor of Lifegate Church in Lexington, KY.

“It was the JFK assassination moment of this generation,” commented Dr. Billy Wilson, founder of the Awakening America Alliance and current Oral Roberts University President.

Collapsing structures, a culture of fear, emotional despair, increasing terrorism, and the encroachment of Islam sounded a spiritual alarm for this century. How has the church—Jesus’ followers—responded?

For weeks and months following the 9/11 attacks, our sanctuaries were full. People reached out to God for meaning.  We rallied together in a real spirit of unity. However, our churches emptied quickly, and spiritual apathy resettled over our country. Deeply moved by this atmosphere of recurring slumber, the Awakening America Alliance sensed God calling them to issue a resounding wake-up call to the church.

Cry Out America was initially promoted as a 9/11 noon-time prayer meeting at every county courthouse in America. People began Crying Out in repentance and asking God for mercy at the place of justice. Since 2007, COA has mobilized hundreds of thousands at 9/11 prayer gatherings in all 50 states, including 38 U.S. counties with one-million or more population. We have witnessed people join hands and hearts across major denominational lines—Mainline Evangelicals, Protestants, Catholics, and traditional Pentecostals—all coming together under the banner of Christ.

We believe America is on the verge of a sweeping move of God’s Spirit that will touch every state, every county, every church, and every heart. The historical patterns of America’s Great Awakenings indicate that in times of a seemingly hopeless environment, God chooses to move in response to the cries of His people. We are CRYING OUT TO GOD seeking a deep transformation and a Christ-awakening in America.

AAA Executive Director and COA National Coordinator, Kay Horner has chosen Together Beyond Boundaries as this year’s theme. “We want to respond to Christ’s John 17 prayer that His followers would become united as one force of love and witness to our world. As we do, the church will become a powerful influence for healing and reconciliation in our culture.” Kay continued, “The Cry Out America ministry team throughout the nation has the potential, through prayer, to bridge the gap across denominational, generational, racial, and cultural divides, ultimately bringing a Christ awakening that will transform America.”

Join with us in prayer on September 11 at locations around the nation. Click here to learn more and to find a location near you >>


Lives Are Being Changed

Nations are uniting in prayer…#BecauseYouPrayed
More prayer gatherings in America than ever before#BecauseYouPrayed

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