PODCAST: From My Heart, So God Made a Farmer



This morning I want to share with you what is on my heart as we prepare for the Revival at the Reserve Baptist Church in Reserve, NM. ……Cathy Donovan wants me to remind you that childcare is available all 3 days of the Revival! Please pray for us as we prepare, Satan is attacking us, trying to get us off our focus! Heavy attacks this morning! Pray for all speakers and our families, please! We also want you to join us in prayer for Ed Moore, one of my hero’s, and I want to share with you what Paul Harvey wrote about farmers. I think everyday of my Grandpa Floyd and Grandma Caraway (pictured, also an aerial photo of Grandpa and Grandma’s farm sent to me by Grandpa in the early 80’s, 7 miles south of Windom, Minnesota) who were farmers near my hometown of Windom, Minnesota. I thank the Lord for Godly grandparents! My cousin Barb and her hubby Rick live on the farm today that was handed down to them by my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Doris who took over the farm when Grandpa graduated to glory! This week I got my monthly issue of the Buffalo Gap Round-Up News…….listen here and find out what I found!

By the way if you would like to subscribe to the Buffalo Gap Round-Up you can call them at 352-572-3012. They do not have a website. The newspaper is a monthly and it is outstanding! Their motto is, “Proudly serving the Conservative (Once Silent) Majority of America from Buffalo Gap, Texas” They do not have a website. Tell Editor Larry Don Brookreson that Pastor Dewey sent you! By the way Larry used to live in Reserve years ago!

The article that I read from was submitted to the Buffalo Gap-Round Up by Ed Galvin of Merkel, Texas. Reserve-RevivalNational-Day-of-Prayer-DeweyDeweys Message from the HeartReserve Baptist Church

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