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ErrolI always tell people to have mentors……Godly mentors….you must surround yourself with men and women of God that can help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and hold you accountable to the ways of God. Who you surround yourself with, is who you will become. I have been very blessed with many Godly mentors. A few months ago I met Pastor Errol Stepp (pictured above) who founded Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood, New Mexico. I had heard of Pastor Stepp for years and years and then a few months ago I got to meet him. I also got to hear him speak at a Men’s Breakfast at Valley View and his story on how Valley View was established, started with a Church of about 26 people on Christmas Eve 1987 in a horse stable!  Now in 2015, Valley View Lead Pastor Brandon Shaffer tells me that the Church averages 600 people every Sunday! Pastor Stepp still Preaches in Madrid, New Mexico and also is involved in Church planting. I was blessed to have lunch with him this week and talk and share. He picked my brain on Christian media and I picked his brain on the current condition of our Country and of the Church in America. Errol’s message to me was keep being salt and light for Jesus Christ, keep showing His love to the world. One of the greatest motivations I have in my life is the folks at Valley View! Just think, starting in a horse stable and now in a Church building that can house many people. More important than that is their service to God’s people in the entire Edgewood area……..even reaching into Albuquerque and as far as Estancia, New Mexico. Why do they attract people from a distance? Because people see their shining light for Jesus Christ from afar. I am blessed to know Pastor Errol Stepp, Pastor Brandon Shaffer and Associate Pastor Leonard Navarre of Valley View, these three men and the Congregation at Valley View have helped make me a better man of God. So I strongly encourage you to surround yourself with Godly mentors, seek Godly wisdom, have a personal relationship with your Pastor. Of course our most important relationship is with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 27:17 [Full Chapter]

[ Your Face Mirrors Your Heart ] You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another

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Picture of Valley View Christian Church provided by Pastor Brandon Shaffer

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