The World Chides U.S. on Racism and Guns


We as a country certainly have gone backwards in race relations. My goodness sakes, what is going on here??!! We are self-destructing as a Godly nation! Much of the world no longer looks to America as a great nation. We have to much hate in our country, to many folks spewing hate from their mouths and guns. We are going backwards folks! We are back into the 60’s in race relations or worse! I do not know race, all I know is we are all God’s children. Here in America we keep doing the same hate and gun violence, same stupid, sinful ways, same stupid, sinful results. Warren Evans Hearts for Jesus are needed, it is a heart issue, way too many harden hearts. Often the target of U.S. human rights accusations, China wasted little time returning such charges following the shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina that left nine people dead. Elsewhere, the attack renewed perceptions that Americans have too many guns and have yet to overcome racial tensions.  American Racism and Guns

Simple point: How do we expect the world to listen to us when we are such a mess?


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