It is Becoming Very Stressful to Oversee the FGGAM Website, Hate is Everywhere

Dewey Moede

It is becoming very stressful to oversee the news department………so much hate…..hate is killing America. Hate is not moving America forward, it has moved us back into the ugly 60’s of so much hate, racism…….It seems to me, we here in America, have “hate guns” pointed at most everything , we have become such an unsettled society. I see on Facebook Pastor’s attacking Pastor’s! It is time for a time out, reflection on how we act as individuals. What we are doing as a people, as Christians, Dewey Moedeas Americans is not working, we are out of alignment with God.

I am weeping for my country, for the Body of Christ……I am in a time of reflection……..this is not the world that I intended for my children and grandchildren to grow up in, we are all at fault.



  1. Yes, what you said is true Pastor Dewey. The church as a whole has failed. But having said that….it is not too late to love others as the Father. As a note of encouragement….on my Voice of the Martyrs email, they said that persecuted Christians are praying for us here in America. Keep on loving Dewey. The Father is evident in your and He is much pleased with you. We love you. xoxoox

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