FGGAM QUOTE of The Day: It is only by yielding ourselves, to be holy…..


FGGAM QUOTE of The Day: God’s glory is His holiness. To glorify God is to yield ourselves so that God may show forth His glory in us. It is only by yielding ourselves to be holy, to let His holiness fill our lives, that His glory can shine forth from us. The one work of Christ was to glorify the Father. Our one work is, like Christ’s, by our obedience, testimony, and life to make known our God as “glorious in holiness”  Exodus 15:11, please read.

Man is the image and glory of God. It is as you bear the image of God here, as you live in the likeness of Jesus—–who is “the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person” Hebrews 1:3

From  Andrew Murray Devotional glory to God

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