Mother’s Day Quote: I like to think the Mother as being “the heart of the home”


FGGAM QUOTE For Mother’s Day…..Sharon Moede From Pastor Robert Lewis on Mother’s Day, “There is no position in the business world that compares to the physical, emotional and spiritual commitment involved in Motherhood! Exodus 20:12 says honor your Father and Mother, so you may live long in the land the Lord God is giving you. The Bible says the husband is to be the head of the home. I like to think of the Mother as being “THE HEART OF THE HOME”

Thank you Pastor Robert for those powerful words…..that certainly is the case with my wife Sharon! God Bless you babe! Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Ministry of FGGAM, Public Speaker, RN!!! You are an amazing woman of God! You certainly are the heart of our home! Amen! Praise God! Thank you Lord!

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