FGGAM QUESTION of The Day: Have you heard God speak?


Let God talkHave you heard God speak to you recently? if so, what did He say? What have you done in response?

I keep this book handy…..several years ago Pastor Leonard Navarre got me a copy of the book, “Let God Talk to You” by Becky Tirabassi. …….I have handed out many of these books……remember the Holy Spirit is our messenger and comforter……Becky writes, “God talks to those with a simple, childlike trust.” I love to read, love to learn the ways of God and with books like this and my Bible first by my side, I continue to grow in Jesus Christ. I Always bring the book that I am interested in, before the Lord, and He tells me whether they are good or not.

Today I encourage you to read First Samuel, one of the Bible’s Old Testament Books…….it will help you HEAR GOD!

If you are nor hearing God, please contact me.


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