What Has Happened to America? Have We Lost Our Soul? MLB Game Played With No Fans? We Are a Mess!


What has happened to America? We have become quite a mess, we have made a mess of things. I believe America is losing it’s soul. Many Pastors do not like to talk about it but the latest figure I was given by Church Planter Errol Stepp, is that Church attendance in America is down 7%. America is leaving God, or I should say has left God. Pastor Tony Evans said awhile back, “America was once one nation under God, it is now one nation away from God.” My spirit was so disturbed by the announcement by Major League baseball that the Baltimore Orioles would play their game with the White Sox with no fans, because of the threat of violence. Has America become a third world country? This sounds like something that would take place in a communist country. A country where it’s so bad that people can’t go into a stadium and be safe. This is a HUGE statement on the soul condition of America. When you lose your soul, your nothing, you have nothing, you are without God. Soulless America?  Has America gone mad? I don’t know if many people realize what a huge statement this is! I don’t even know if they should have played the game! I guess what this game with no fans in the stands has in common with the church, is empty seats. My God given discernment is weeping for America, my stomach has turned sour. The Body of Christ should be alarmed and sharing the love of Jesus with all, going out on the streets, traveling and walking for Jesus Christ, that is a big part of the solution, leave the walls of the Church. Jesus walked.News and Views-Dewey
YAHOO SPORTS REPORTS: The circumstances behind baseball’s first-ever game with no fans in attendance
aren’t at all funny — we’re talking riots, civil unrest, boiling over racial
tensions —More here 

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