Video: Painting Prince of Peace, Heaven is For Real


Jesus painting by AkaineYoung Akiane Kramarik was born in Morris, Illinois, to Lithuanian parents. At the age of 4 God spoke to her and showed her visions of heaven, creation and Jesus. With God’s help, Akiane started sketching at this very young age and soon moved to on to oil and acrylic paints to create the stunning images in her famous paintings. Akiane’s painting of Jesus became well known from the book Heaven Is For Real. When Todd Burpo showed his son, Colton, different artist’s depictions of Jesus, it was Akiane’s painting that Colton recognized as the face he saw while in heaven.

Now at the age of 20, Akiane’s visions are lessening as God told her they would. For now, we all pray Akiane will continue to create beautiful paintings for as long as God allows her to see into heaven.

I pray that someday I can purchase one of her paintings, they are on sale at

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