Most of America Ignores God, Just 7% Go to Church!


What has happened in America on Good Friday? When I started at KGCX radio in Sidney, Montana in 1979, the owner Oscar Halverson, would let all of us off just before noon so we could make it to Church in time for the noon Good Friday service, the town shut down. Did the majority of America ignore Good Friday? Yes, I sadly say that most of America does not observe Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. I turned on the TV news very early yesterday morning, looked at the daily paper……seemed like another day to the media! I saw all the TV and newspaper advertisements, playing off Easter, no mention of our Risen Savior! America loves to make money off Easter and Christmas, ignoring Jesus Christ! Here is what a Dear Friend of mine posted on his Facebook on Good Friday, Scott Curtis is a Christian radio announcer in Michigan and he was in Canada yesterday:

Interesting that here in Ontario Canada, most larger businesses, banks & government offices are closed in observance of Good Friday. You rarely see that kind of business “pause” in the states anymore for anything…except for Christmas. From Scott Curtis.News and Views-Dewey

Last Saturday I was at Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood, NM at the Men’s Breakfast to hear Errol Stepp, the founder of Valley View and he is still very active in Church planting at the age of 77! Errol has all the updated Church attendance figures in the United States. The research that Errol shared with me was that just 7% of America attends Church.

As Pastor Tony Evans has said, “America was once one nation under God, it is now one nation away from God.”

Tomorrow as we gather for Resurrection Sunday and give PRAISE and THANKS to OUR RISEN SAVIOR, let us also pray for a Resurrection of Christianity in America!

If we are not blinded by the darkness, we see the results of what happens when we ignore God.

John 8:12 speaks to this: When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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