What a Mess! Republican leaders Struggle


And you thought things were going to change for the better with Republican leadership??? I remember so many Republicans cheering the November victories, like some kind of high school pep rally, thinking those wins were going to save America, how foolish! America will not change for the better with out God at the head. We keep doing the same stupid things over and over, thinking politicians and politics and money can save this country, that is a great lie! As Pastor Tony Evans said, “America was once one nation under God, it is now one nation away from God” Stop being fooled by Politicians. As we used to say back home, “the proof is in the pudding” If the Republicans do not straighten themselves out and start behaving themselves and exhibiting true Godly leadership they will hand the Presidential election right over to the Democrats on a silver platter. John Boenhner and Nancy Mark Twain said, “the only difference between a Republican and Democrat is the spelling” Two months into full Republican control of Congress, GOP leaders are struggling to demonstrate they really are in charge. The stunning House defeat Friday of a three-week spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security exposed Speaker John Boehner’s weakness in the face of rebellious conservatives. More here:


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