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Ever thought about how much God is worth to you?  I have, and can not come up with an answer better than ‘PRICELESS’ for what He offers me.

Ever thought about how much your Pastor who helps bring you God’s Word is worth?  I have, and get the same answer ‘PRICELESS’.

A little story, some of you already know, about one of my Pastors, Pastor Dewey Moede.  Maybe a little over two years ago, our Pastor Dewey Moede from right here at For God’s Glory Alone Ministries happened into my life.  Well, not happened, occurred would be a better word I suppose; so it ‘occurred’ that God knew my hurt, He knew my need and He knew it was my time and He knew this before either Pastor Dewey or myself.  God is kinda like that; pretty smart fella in my opinion!!!  God knew what I was about to face in my life, something rather devastating (for me and my wife anyway), far more devastating than anything I’d been through before, even on the battle field.

God said, Dewey, there is a man at a particular store, I’ve arranged it to be right in your neighborhood, that is going to need our help in the coming months and it is his time for him to have his heart filled to the brim with My love for him.  Pastor Dewey, just as he does for anything else God tasks him with, said OK.

And thus, I met Pastor Dewey when he entered one of the stores I was managing for his first ever visit.  I was in my back office when I heard him conversing with one of my CSR’s in the front of the store.  My hearing being a little weak after events earlier in my life in Vietnam, I could not hear the exact content of their conversation but it was obviously pleasant.  What I did hear, loud and clear, distinct as the general quarters call to battle stations on a ship, the Pastor issue on his way out our door; “God Bless You”!!!  THREE LITTLE WORDS!  I’ve obviously heard the phrase before but on that day for reasons unknown to me at the time, those three little words sent deep chills throughout my entire body.  The Pastor and I have been the very, very closest of friends and brothers since that moment.  I rushed to the front of the store and met the Pastor outside as he neared his car.  To my joy, (I’m an animal lover, especially dogs), there were two of the most precious loving dogs, Buffy and Reno, I’ve ever met sitting in his car who immediately poured their love over me for some period of time.

God knew that both I and my precious wife needed to be brought back to His Church, so he sent Pastor Dewey!!!

The story is lengthy to tell it in full so I’ll do my best to condense to consider your time.  Within only a few weeks of my meeting the Pastor, Dewey helped us find a fixed Church where my precious wife and I immediately became permanent members.  (If you’re in the area, stop by and say Hi to Jesus – Christ Full Deliverance Ministries in Rio Rancho NM where Pastor Marty Cooper and his wonderful wife Pastor Paulette Cooper bless us by educating us in God’s Word and Love).  God knew that shortly afterwards, I would be going through a number of what would normally be what we call life changing events and made the necessary things happen for Him to re-enter my heart and soul prior to those events.  Within those few months, I lost one of my two brothers, Jim Stambaugh Jr, in Dallas Tex when he went home to be with our Lord.  Barely a month later, I lost one of the most precious little dogs, Suzy-Q – daddy’s little girl to the max for about 13 years, which ripped me dearly.  Shortly after loosing my job, (politics), while my precious wife was hospitalized after I found her comatose alone at home, and following my having had a hospitalization a week earlier after suffering a small stroke; my doctor called me to tell me I had stage 4 cancer.  Talk about needing some GOD!!!!!  I sure did, and there was Pastor Dewey Moede to help me find HIM!!!!!  Despite my earthly doctors warning in May of 2013 that I probably wouldn’t see Christmas of that year, I’ve now enjoyed two celebrations of our Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday; (and boy oh boy, do they ever mean something different to me now and the things He has shown me since are beyond the level of normal human belief!!!)

Enough about me.  This is the work our Pastor does day-in, day-out, at any time of the day, 365 days of the year.  The things I’ve seen our Pastor do astounds me and I can not believe a simple man has the strength to do it.  He is literally operating on a different kinda gas than the rest of us and I refer to it as ‘POWERED BY GOD’!!!  Speaking of having true ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ in God, right about the very same time I first met the Pastor, he was in a transition from being a well paid, (I assume), radio station manager here in Albuquerque NM to a Pastor starting his own little ministry (without a church front and with no congregation) and with an income of $0.00!!!  While I may have not told him at the time, I surely had thought to myself, this guy is nuts!  Pastor Dewey had a house with an outstanding mortgage, an old beat up Chevy, a precious supportive Godly wife Sharon, two precious ministry dogs, Buffy and Reno, and a questionable laptop on his dinning room table.  That was, and still is for the most part, ‘For God’s Glory Alone Ministries‘!!!  His little website has now grown into a marvelous site where we enjoy celebrating the Lord with over a half million viewers each month.  (Reminds me of a couple of months after Pastor Dewey started the website and we were so proud that we had hit almost a hundred visitors in a weeks time frame!)  Sheesh, has this thing ever grown!!!

Since then, this tiny little broken down laptop ministry in the dinning room has grown into a ministry with a website where over a half a million visitors each month come to see us and share in our love of the Lord!  (Still from a laptop on the dinning room table!)  In addition to this already strenuous workload Pastor Dewey does a weekly radio show every Monday, fills in as a stand-in Pastor any time needed and anywhere across the state along with flirting around all day, every day performing weddings, counseling those in need of any kind, hospital visits, and on and on.  And all this is done, much on his own dime, and from a limited number of dedicated God-loving people who try to help support his ministry.

YEP, you guessed it; I’m fixin to throw you a pitch.  Being on disability now, I know all too well just exactly how tight things are for all of us out here.  That’s exactly why I DO NOT ASK FOR MUCH !!!  ONE DOLLAR !!!

I’m asking each and every one of you who possibly can, to give up one cup of coffee, one newspaper or one of any number of minor things, (ONLY ONCE), and send that $1.00 bill to For God’s Glory Alone Ministries to support its very existence.  What our Pastor does day in-day out does not come without a cost.  I’m not asking anyone to pay for any of the 50 or 60 ‘VOLUNTEER’ writers we now have here at the ministry or to support anyone’s personal family.  Just the day-to-day costs of operating the basic ministry itself and supporting its work for our Lord and Savior!!!  We volunteers do it purely out of our love for the Pastor and for the Lord!!!


Pastor Dewey refuses to ask but for those who know me, I don’t exactly live under the same constraints the Pastor does !

Think about this:  $1 times half a million viewers and on a one time shot we’ve supported this ministry enough to fully fund its operation for another decade or even longer!!!

I’ll even throw something up I can very barely afford to do on my limited Navy retirement and disability.  If anyone were to commit and give your support in the amount of $25 or more, I’ll have Pastor Dewey let me know and if you provide your name and address with your support, I’ll send you the $1 I ask for originally right back to you to pay the cost of your envelope and stamp.  Just let the Pastor know you want your dollar with your donation and I will, out of my pocket, provide it to you personally!!!

I can personally attest to the validity of His promise in Malachi 3:10-12:

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do”, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, “I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test! Your crops will be abundant, for I will guard them from insects and disease. Your grapes will not fall from the vine before they are ripe,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

This man and this ministry has performed transformations unbelievable to normal man and it is literally FOR GOD’S GLORY ALONE !!!


I ask, if you can, send your tithe to For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, P O Box 65516, Albuquerque, NM 87193; or you may donate right on our homepage at (however, I will not be able to track and return your dollar if it’s done on the website as I do not have access to that service.)


God Bless to one and all!!!!!!

Pictures are of Rick getting love from Buffy and Reno and of Pastor Dewey and Sharon


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