The Seasons of Life


Gretchen Birthday FebLilithBuffy MondayDear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pictures are of daughter Gretchen, grand baby Lilith Evelyn and Buffy

How are you this day?

We send our love to you all!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our daughter Gretchen!

In 1987 at St. Joseph Hospital in Mishawaka, Indiana. The nurses had to peel me off the ceiling! WOW BABY!

I had just started my first job in Christian radio at WFRN in South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana and was on such a spiritual high, then the birth

of Gretchen, WOW WEE!!!! She makes us proud!

Then later that year the Minnesota Twins won the World Series! LOL! LOL! What a year!

In the past weeks we have experienced death here at the Moede house in doggy Buffy, Proverbs 12:10 teaches us… A righteous man cares for his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. The house is so quiet as Reno is a quiet little guy until trucks drive by! LOL, the birth of our first grandchild and now today Gretchen’s birthday. Matthew 18:3 teaches us…. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Buffy so loved babies, she would lick them! LOL! Every time we would go to the park, she had to go and kiss the babies! 

I just got a call from Jimmy who lives in Reserve, NM. He just got back on Saturday night from attending his 34 year old grandsons funeral, Michael,  in Phoenix. Jimmy is the music leader at the Reserve Baptist Church. Michael was killed in a tragic car accident. 1 John 2:25 promises us….And this is what he promised us–eternal life. Please keep Jimmy and family in your prayers…Jimmy is so very sad. A Grandparent burying his grandchild is tragic.

The seasons of life.

I bring this up to talk about the core of my being. What God has given me to do……to stand in the gap for babies……

When Gretchen was 8 weeks old she nearly died of a blockage. It was very close, but the Lord had plans.

My Dad, Wally Moede was known as the Shepherd of children in Windom, Minnesota. Dad was the Transportation Director for the School. He made sure all the little kids got on the right bus everyday and that everyone got home safely. People still talk about my Dad to this day and his love for children.

I have that same love.

My life verse is “My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24

God gave Dad the task of being a Sgt. in the Marines in WW II, then a Fireman and Transportation Director and Head Usher at Church.

You see, I know old fashion good when I see it. I have a rich heritage on both sides of my family in serving the Lord. The Moede side and Caraway side.

I am here today to stand in the gap for God, just like many of you in your calling.

For babies and women, no abortion!

Abortion is an assault on God. Abortion is an assault on babies, Abortion is an assault on Women. I know I interview them.

I bring all this up this morning for us all to focus on God and His gift of life and the cycle of life. Life is precocious.

Just one more thing that has disturbed my spirit.

I wen to bed early last night, as I normally do and awake early to do the news…….when I awoke my phone was just full of news alerts! I thought there had been a terrorist attack! The phone was just jammed with alerts. You see I have to have my phone set to many news services so we can keep you posted on the latest. I was thankful nothing bad happened, but sickened that America is so addicted to this thing called the “OSCARS” Academy Awards. America pays more attention to this than Jesus Christ. The American society as a whole, worships idols. We are where we are at as a society because we as a whole have not been obedient to God, it is simple as that.

As I have stated before, if we could get America as excited for Jesus as it is for NFL Football, we could turn this Country around on a dime.

The American society as a whole gets excited and passionate about the wrong things.

The proof is in the pudding, and we here at FGGAM, are here to show the light of Jesus Christ to one person at a time.

Now with what has taken place in the news the last couple of days, kinda sheds a light where we are at.

You all of heard of Rudy Giuliani and what he said about President Obama………..

Now we have John McCain’s confession:

Giuliani said what many Americans think and McCain really put it out there…….shame on all sides….

Click on this headline for the details:

John McCain: “I’m ashamed of my Country, I’m ashamed of my President, I’m ashamed of Myself”

Also click on this headline:

The Daily Jot: Giuliani gets no respect, neither do Americans

I know the Oscars are over, but this is still a timely message for us all, just click on the headline!

BREAKPOINT THIS WEEK: It’s Time For The Oscars! How Should Christians Think About Hollywood?


I know that “SHAME” is a very sensitive subject for many…….but I have to share with you what I was taught as a little boy………When we would do something wrong repeatedly, misbehave, Mom or Dad, or a teacher would say, Shame on you Dwayne (my birth name)…… helped us change our behavior….it showed us the difference between good and bad behavior. And this was said by people that loved us. I credit this upbringing to as where I am at today and where my children are at today, knowing the difference between good and bad behavior.

The problem with the world today is that so many people do not know God and do not no the difference between good and bad behavior.

The comments by Giuliani and McCain make me sad for our Country, because they are right in one thing I say…..that we all have failed to leave this world a better place for our children. When I was growing up it was drilled into us, at home at school, at Sunday School, in Church, in Cub Scouts…to leave this world a better place than we found it. We as Americans have failed at that. I am grieved, but I have not given up for the sake of our children and your children.

The Lord tells us to occupy until His return, and that is what Sharon and I, and FGGAM will do, For God’s Glory Alone!

Luke 19:13 teaches us……..And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.

We Thank you for your love, God Bless you all, Dewey, Sharon, Family and FGGAM Team






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