One Paw in Heaven


One Paw in Heaven

My best friend in life

Was a dog we called Buffy

She looked like a bear

And was always so fluffy


Found wandering the streets

After having her litter

Shot and abused

Yet she never was bitter


She would greet everyone

With a smile and a lick

Though past greetings were probably

Just shouts and a kick


She has one paw in Heaven

A gift from above

She taught me forgiveness

She taught me to love


You came into my life

When I was broken and sad

But all your wet kisses

Made life not so bad


You would wash all my hair

And clean up my toes

You licked all my boo boos

And tickled my nose


I tried to control you

We struggled awhile

But you melted my heart

When you showed me your smile


She has one paw in Heaven

A gift from above

She taught me forgiveness

She taught me to love

Buffy, steadfast and strong

Through all of her cancers

About the meaning of life

She held all of the answers


Be true to yourself

And live in the moment

Do nothing that requires

An act of atonement


Take a moment to enjoy

The simplest of things

And always be thankful

For whatever life brings


She has one paw in Heaven

A gift from above

She taught me forgiveness

She taught me to love


You adopted poor Reno

When he was sick and alone

You showed him what love is

And gave him your bone


To all of us, Buff

Was an inseparable friend

It was all our belief

Her life would not end


To all who have doubted

About where you will be

I’ll meet you in Heaven

One day, you and me


She has one paw in Heaven

A gift from above

She taught me forgiveness

She taught me to love


Please read more here, it is a post my husband, Pastor Dewey.

True Love

Note: During her 14 years Buffy was shot 4 times with bb’s…

God teaches us in His Word, Proverbs 12:10….A righteous man cares for his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Sharon and Pastor Dewey are praying as they start a “Buffy Foundation” to help families that have animals but cannot afford proper care. All of Buffy’s medications, food, and other items have been already donated to VCA on Wyoming and Doctor Kacie Martin. Please pray over this effort. God Bless.

Buffy showed her love to everyone from children to the terminally over her 14 years, bringing love and hope.

More from Sharon Moede:

I lost my dog this week. Her name was Buffy Anne, Buffy or Buff for short. She was aIMG_0015 (1)shelter dog; a Beagle-Shepard mix. Buffy was found wondering the city streets after having a litter of pups. Two of our children picked her out from a choice of loving dogs. What a blessing she ended up being for our family!

Buffy was always happy. She greeted everyone with a smile, a wagging tail and lots of wet kisses and boy, did she love children!. Even when strange dogs would approach her with growls and bared teeth, Buffy would look at them confused as to say, “Hey, what’s wrong? I just want to play.” (The only time I have ever witnessed Buffy bare her teeth was to a local politician who came to the door trying to win support for his election.)

An inspiration to all, Buffy was a three time cancer survivor. She endured three surgeries,9be81c4b0195__1297802388000[1]one major surgery to remove part of her cancerous jaw, and many months of chemotherapy. The vet always told us that cancer would eventually take her life, but we gave her every chance to live it out the fullest. Sadly, it wasn’t until her cancers did we discover from x-rays that she had been previously shot four times, with one BB lodged right by her heart. God was watching over her that terrible day. I truly believe Buffy was put on this earth for a mission of teaching to all that came to know her. Her mission:  love, forgiveness, acceptance and living in the moment.

Several years ago, we adopted a rescued Beagle, Reno. He had been abandoned,GetAttachmentstarving, and dying from several infections including Heartworm. After many medical treatments, Reno thrived and grew to love Buffy. She accepted him from first sight and immediately adopted him as her own pup.  They became inseparable. We would call them the “Buffy and Reno Show” because where there was one, there was the other.  When we got that fateful news that Reno also developed invasive skin cancer and had to have major surgery and reconstruction, Buffy was there for him to help with the healing.

When Buffy’s chemotherapy started to cause her constant stomach upset and vomiting, we made the hard decision to stop her treatment. Cancer is relentless, it takes much of the body’s nutrition and energy stores to grow and leaves the body with little to survive on.  Buffy had shown the typical wasting away of fat and muscle leaving her very thin and weak. Buffy was a fighter and survivor. She had great days when she would play and go on walks and others when she could barely stand or get out of bed. Our vets told us she would let us know when it was time to go…when she had enough and needed peace. She finally did that Friday.

It was the first day she seemed at peace. No more choking. No more labored breathing.Reno-on-Buffy-e1423316455902No more “death call” as we called the awful sound she made with her vomiting spells. She drank when she could but had lost all interest in food. My husband moved her outside on her bed and she spent the day taking in nature with all the smells and sounds. I came home from work early that day and spent quality time with her. I petted her and told her how much she had meant to me and touched my heart. It was on this day, as we watched Buffy continually fall down as she struggled to walk…when we realized her kidneys had shut down, that we decided she was ready to go. Reno also knew. We watched as he lay down beside his best buddy and put his head on Buffy’s back.

Buffy’s loving nature affected many people and earned a special place in the heart of herSteve-Hopkins
first veterinarian, Dr. Stephen Hopkins, and her current vet Dr. Kacie Martin. They have shown Buffy, Reno and our family such caring compassion. We could not have asked for two better docs to care for our pups.  Dr. Hopkins asked to asked to be present and help with Buffy’s passing.

We moved her inside when the sun was low and she got cold. Buffy just lay there quietly and Dr. Martin shaved her leg for the IV. Poor Reno could not be present. He sat by her until the IV catheter came out and then he left outside to lay in his doggie house to be by himself.  Everyone loved on Buffy and expressed the joy she had brought to each of their lives. We were warned by our vet that Buffy may startle and lift her head and sniff, take a deep breath and sigh at the end. She did none of that. Buffy passed so peacefully as we petted her and spoke words of love it brought tears to my eyes. Even days later, both veterinarians comment on how peacefully she passed.


  1. Such a wonderful tribute to your friend Dewey. Thanks for sharing your heart with us on FGGAM. You keep it real and all of us who love critters can identify with the hardships of this week. Praise God there is no more pain for Buffy, Praise Him again that He comforts our sad hearts when we need Him too, and understands all too well what it’s like to lose a critter you love. I wonder if at every sacrifice in the Old Testament God understood your loss.

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